Repair specifications

We have made comprehensive repair descriptions as well as testing and maintenance schedules available to assist you with the repair or maintenance of our products.

Inspection and maintenance schedule for DCA trailer axles

The inspection and maintenance schedule for DCA trailer axles is available to you for viewing and downloading as a checklist for workshops that can be filled out.

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Inspection and maintenance schedule 03/2018

Repair descriptions

In this area, you can view detailed repair descriptions for JOST Axle Systems.

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Repair descriptions 10/2015

Service guide JOST DCA-L7 Disc brake

Here you can find the service and operating instructions for JOST DCA-L7 disc brake. Valid for TDB 0877. The model designation is located in the field marked in red on the identification plate.

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Service guide DCA-L7 01/2016

Workshop posters

Our workshop posters give you an overview of the frequently-used replacement parts and torques, as well as useful information on maintenance and repair work on the DCA series axles.
You can download the workshop posters for our DCA Family axle series in various languages or order them from us in DIN A1 format.

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Workshop posters 05/2017

ID plate

Application to create a replacement identification plate.
To apply for an identification plate or a replacement identification plate, please use the form, which is available for downloading and return it to us by fax, e-mail or post. We will then send you the required identification plate without delay. Please fill out the form completely, as we need your requirement slip for the shipment.

If you require an energy storage plate for our "DCA Airmaster" axle version, please get in touch with our Service area

( or +49 (0) 561 / 802 27 77).

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Replacement type plate 08/2017