[Translate to English:] DCA-U6: Die neue 19,5“ Bremse von JOST
DCA-U6: JOST’s new 19,5“ brake

The new brake disc DCA-U6 for 19,5’’ applications comes in a weight-optimized design – less weight for more payload. The DCA-U6 has a 15 kilogram…

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[Translate to English:] JOST Truckachsen
JOST Truck Axles:

JOST truck axles, pusher and tag axles are rigid as well as steerable and optional liftable to support the load. JOST provides solutions to carry high…

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[Translate to English:] JOST Part Finder
Find spare parts for Mercedes-Benz and JOST axles!

JOST Part Finder

With its new online tool, Part Finder, trailer axle manufacturer JOST is making the search for original spare parts for…

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